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Fireplace Inserts

HOXTER fireplace inserts come in a variety of sizes and shapes including single, corner, 3 sided and double sided glass arrangements. Depending on the heat requirement of your home most units are available in single or double pane glass doors, effecting how much heat is radiated through the glass itself.

For those interested in producing some warm air as well, these units can have optional air vents installed which allow for natural convection of warm air without the use of noisy fans.

Sidl Masonry Heating is proud to be the exclusive importer of HOXTER thermal storage fireplace inserts. HOXTER is a leader in the design and fabrication of high quality, high efficiency fireplace inserts.

Unlike traditional fireplace inserts, these units are designed to heat up the thermal mass that is built around it providing radiant heat similar to a masonry heater. Extra heat exchange channels can also be connected to further extract more heat and increase the efficiency of the unit while decreasing the required heating interval.

Self cleaning fireplace glazing is a high priority while developing HOXTER fireplace inserts. The combustion air flow system is designed to lead the air-flow along the fireplace glazing. This air wash creates a dynamic air screen that circulates black combustion particles back into the firebox. The clearness of the fireplace glazing will also be greatly affected by the humidity of the firewood, chimney draught or the way you control the air intake to your fireplace.

Hoxter is based out of Brno, Czech Republic, and has been producing high quality, efficient and aesthetically pleasing fireplace inserts and masonry heater doors since 2009.

Visit them at http://www.hoxter.eu/en/